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This is why. This is why I love the show.

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Can someone put Rose or Ten on the other side of this wall?

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Prayer is a sign of faith, Dean.

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that scene hurt me so much. Dean was so mad and castiel was trying so hard to be faithful and loyal. *SOB*

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After this is all over, Dean and Cas really need to visit that beer-and-bacon happy hour. just one date. come on season gr8. you can do it.

remember when dean proposed one and cas was just like huh and it didn’t actually happen and we haven’t seen from cas in so long and dean always always always mentions it and last time we saw him he was praying to cas with that goddamn background music no fuck you supernatural

goddamn Americana

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He did it for us, actually.

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He did it for us, actually.

…it really is extremely intimate even in a physical way: it’s in his room that’s the first he’s ever had and where he means to keep the precious things he’s collected in his life, and he wants to invite Cas into it. the whole prayer is presented as being half a conversation, pierced by the lack of a returning voice. and how many intimate conversations have happened between them on a bedside? 

“What were you dreaming about?”

“I can’t do it, Cas. It’s too big. Alastair was right. I’m not all here. I’m not—I’m not strong enough.”

“I’m doing this for you, Dean, I’m doing this because of you.”

“Look, next to Sam, you and Bobby are the closest things I have to family—that you are like a brother to me.”

“I’m afraid I might kill myself.”

sitting alone in the dim lighting on his bed that remembers him, Dean finishing the episode with “Where the hell are you?” and looking around in hope he might see Cas… (

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This week on yes-this-was-an-actualy-line-in-the-show

I love how “Shane” looks like “Yes. Dragon penis. Quite.”

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Scattered fangirling during the beginning of this month (no new episode until 3/20, however) as the Supernatural fandom regains their beloved Castiel.

Note: Destiel tag travel advisory.

Beware of scattered outbursts due to the prayer scene.


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Okay I’m going to say it out of context this looks like first time butt sex if you watch it backwards

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This week on yes-this-was-an-actualy-line-in-the-show

sam doesn’t look the least bit surprised that dean just said those words

sam looks quietly terrified dean could be serious

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Dean just happens to know the greek word for penis.

I’m not saying cas has dirty talked him in ancient foreign languages…

But cas has probably dirty talked dean in ancient foreign languages.

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