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dean winchester ladies and gentlemen


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*and at last I see the light… And it’s like the fog has lifted…

And this world is ugly as shit- there’s no pie.*

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However I’ll say there is one thing that pisses me off. Under the cut, ‘cause ranty.

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YES I AGREE 100% EVERY SINGLE WORD CAME OUT OF MY BRAIN WOW especially the last part about laughing because looooooool


8x12 & 8x14

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professor winchester.

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Now eat your dinner.

who needs a heart right?


I’m sensing a pattern here…

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can i just say i love that the show finally acknowledged dean’s sheer and expansive intelligence

sam is usually credited with being the smarter of the two because of his college education (and sam is fucking smart to boot) but dean is often portrayed, flatly, as the masculine symbol of brawn and power, not brains (coughrobertsingeranyonecough). the show usually fails significantly to recognize dean’s astounding practical knowledge in hunting, mechanics, incredibly apt cultural references (srsly that boy is a dictionary of pop culture from now and decades ago) and just general know-how. and the show finally brought that to the forefront. i have no doubt that sam has known this of dean all along for people saying sam is just realizing dean’s intelligence (given sam knows dean better than anyone), but the fact that the show has outrightly acknowledged dean’s unconventional street-smart knowledge as “genius” is really, just really fucking awesome.

And Dean says at some point (I can’t remember what episode, but it’s fairly early on) that he was jealous of Sam for getting out. Dean couldn’t get out because he couldn’t leave a 14-year-old Sam alone with an angry John, and then he didn’t want to leave John after he had already lost his other son. He was stuck. I think Dean would have liked to go to college and have more options. I also think that instead of making Sam feel guilty about this by revealing his jealousy, Dean acted like he felt the same way as John when Sam left for Stanford.

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Djinn’t you know?


Djinn’t you know?



“Wow, not bad.”

“…’Not bad?’”

i want to think that he’ll use that typewriter at some point. start writing all the stories he knows and a thousand that he’ll invent. he’s an excellent storyteller (with good taste in books) and writing is something that i can see him doing. it’ll be by chance, and it will be easy and fun and it will help him stress; it fits his personality and gives him the freedom he needs and craves. he can be a writer slash hunter and if he ever publish a book (it will be under a pseudonym - oh the fun he’ll have choosing that one!)  it’ll be successfully enough that he’ll get some money (and he will spend it all to give presents to Sam and Kevin and Garth and Charlie and Cas, and Benny).

in other words, i have decided that this is the reason that typewriter is there, ready to be used.


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I haven’t had my own room…ever. I’m making it awesome.

I love how Dean decorates his room with things that make him happy like his favorite vinyl and a picture of his mom alongside memorabilia of some of the worst, bloodiest moments in his entire life like all the weapons he’s picked up along the way. Real healthy, Dean.

and then you get dragged back to life so

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8x8 - Hunteri Heroici and 14x8 - Trial and Error

babies you need each other to heal your hearts

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