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she’s not possible.

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Doctor who countdown meme 
↳ 20 days till who:  Favourite ship - Whouffle 

7.2 | Episode Posters

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11 being a derp

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the only mystery worth solving

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The Eleventh Tribute → [1/2] outfits: season 7 purple coat

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The future. Running away with a space man in a box. Anything can happen to you.

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Clara Oswald + confusion

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Rose/Clara parallels

If we don’t find out they are connected in some way by the 50th anniversary, I’ll be really surprised.

They missed an important connection. Clara’s mom died the day of the Auton Invasion in Rose. The day Rose went away with the Doctor for the first time.

And the Ghostbusters thing. I don’t know whether I think there’s a connection between the two, but there were definitely a ton of references to Rose throughout series 7b.

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doctor who + black and white

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The barbie/doll scene is still magical to me. I just can’t even

I’m not sure if I understand it and I’m not sure I want to

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