the fandom life

my roommate has the most polite boyfriend ever

omg yes of course you can use a paper towel you don’t have to ask me

bless you

I’m living in an apartment for the first time

this is weird and lovely






there’s nowhere to sing without bothering people when you’re at college


looking forward to college this September, but then i saw this and now i kinda don’t want it….

save yourself while you can

go sing in the mountains and become a nun to support yourself

Oh my god, I’ll be in college in September, I hadn’t even thought of this.

there are magical whole sections of the school called the music department that house not only people who play musical instruments like pianos, trombones, trumpets, and violins among other things for entertainment but also OTHER PEOPLE WHO SING

My high school didn’t have any space for that. :-( And at my university, there is only one building that I know of that has practice rooms, and you need to be in a chorus or orchestra to get swipe card access to the building. Which I have, but I don’t usually want to trek over there at 9 PM…

I’m at work and we’re watching The Little Mermaid and my supervisor just said “SHE WANTS THE D”

without thinking about it, I said, loudly, “But where would he put it?”

should I go for a second minor which may or may not help me at all or should I take the course that I most want to take

the announcement of an earlier date for Sherlock means that it’s going to be filmed while I’m studying abroad in London



I’ve seen people make it

maybe they were using dark magic

I knew it

(Source: powersaw-to-thepeople)

it’s not truly summer until I get my grades but that won’t happen if the website doesn’t stop crashing

last day of living in a dorm

my future apartment has tiny windows

I cry

I wrote for 110 minutes straight

finals week is the only time my follower count actually has a net loss because I just let my queue run and don’t come on here haha

goodbye friends

I literally just spent EIGHT SOLID HOURS meeting with a group to work on our 20-page paper so now it’s time to be lazy

holy shit college

it’s the last week of classes and it’s 39 degrees

I have a paper to write but Prince George

It’s snowing